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We Were Promised Jetpacks-8

We were Promised Jet Packs at Brew at the Bog – Pictures

We were Promised Jetpacks headlining the 3rd of May at Brew at the Bog 2015. Pictures. Check out more reviews of Brew at the Bog and sign up to our […]


A Day to Ponder

A strong day of music at Brew at the Bog


Music, Beer and the Elephant

A review of day one at Brew at the Bog 2015.

Dr Wook aka event organiser Kris Douglas at Brew at the Bog 2015

Nepal fundraiser announced

The Leonard Jones Potential and many more announced for event.


Fatherson at Brew at the Bog – Pictures

Images of the 3-piece’s late night slot.


From the Festivals

‘Roots and Indie

A review of day two at Brew at the Bog

Keeping Warm with a Brew

A review of the first day at Brew at the Bog

Brew at the Bog 2015, Day 2 – Pictures

The second day of Brew at the Bog

Brew at the Bog 2015, Day 1 – Pictures

As the festival opens, we catch some images of the event

Race to the Top

Public Service Broadcasting return with ‘oomf’

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Recent Photos

Public Service Broadcasting-12

See images from the evening.

Raining Stairs-10

Images of Raining Stairs on their return to gigging.


PAWS and Cactus & Cardigan at Mad Hatters


Colin Clyne

Catching up with Colin

We speak to the Stonehaven borne musician


Great start for the ‘break

The first EP for Spring Break leaves you wanting more

Talking Damaged Goodz

We have a chat with Brian Jamieson

Random Review

Kría Brekkan & Ryan Erskine-8

Busman’s Holiday

Roddy on his travels finds Kria Brekkan and Ryan Erskine in Glasgow



Rain’s Return

The Raining Stairs return to gigging, how was it?

There is only X

How good can The Xcerts be?

Hop’s second outing

We look at the music (and a bit of beer) on the hop

Gonna Make You Sweat

A review of Stanley Odd at The Ceilidh Place.

More Breaking Bands, Please!

Verona, headed up the second of a new format for Mad Hatters.

New Life for Reef

Did Reef manage to rock the Ironworks?

More Wrestle at the ‘works

A look at the latest Rock ‘n’ Wrestle .

James; New and Old

A review of James Mackenzie and the Aquascene

Minority Report

A review of The View and their support at The Ironworks

LaFontaines go from Strength to Strength

How did The LaFontaines cope with the Spectrum?

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