Always nice to have, and publicly available on Facebook and the like, the organisers of the new Hen Stage have announced the stage times for their performances. We will ,with a little luck, have some more coverage of the Hen Stage in the next few days, but in the mean time:


2100 Black Rock Ceilidh Band

photos courtesy of Al Houdi Donnelly

2000 Dorec-a-Belle

photos courtesy of Al Houdi Donnelly

1900 Last Summer Effect (acoustic)
1800 Adrian Telfer
1715 Corralach

1630 Graham Bell
1545 Ghillie Dhu Folk Band
1500 Alice Bentley
1415 Ally McLeod & Donald Forbes
1315 Corey Symonds
1245 Lilian Ross, Malina MacDonald & Rory Campbell
1200 Jamie Reid



photos courtesy of Al Houdi Donnelly
2100 Ashley Mackay +3
2000 Maria Hall Unplugged Band
1900 RONA
1800 Fiona J Mc Kenzie, Stu Clarke and Lisa Rigby
1715 Acoustic reverb
1630 Emily McKinnon

photos courtesy of Al Houdi Donnelly

1545 Waiting for Bruce
1500 Sarah Jane Thomson
1415 Malcolm Cumming
1330 Graham Brown +1
1245 Feis Chataibh

photos courtesy of Al Houdi Donnelly

1200 Megan Blyth

Times are of course destined to change!!

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