With a few tweaks to the line-up the STV Appeal 2012, at the Ironworks, saw a strong line-up of local talent support the charity event.

So how did the act’s bear up? We attempt to answer that question in Twitter form (well it is #ff I guess).

Ailsa Jean Lyall Matthews

 “late for Ailsa #earlytstart #sosorry #austrailiansinthehouse #longstory

City in Surveillance

Not their best set #thatswhattheysaid. Hard to deny that the boys have a swagger and rocknroll hearts. #enjoyingwhattheydodoyouneedmore

Barry Mackay and Ryan Goulder

Cant bore of Forever Criminal #evenwithfishfingersinthelyrics. Duo are evolving into a full band #bringonthecheese #cantbeatthebanter

Toby Michaels Rolling Damned

A typical Toby entrance #hesgonnadohimselfsomedamage. I love seeing the band grow into their roles. #canthelpbutenjoy #keeprolling

The Whisky River Band

Flu and Gearboxes failed to stop. Surprise guest appearance #MrsTelly  sublime debut for new song #SubjecttoChange #madethenight #noregrets

With everybody working so hard to make the event a success and over £1100 made in total, it was a great social event. Well done to everybody involved.

More pics of the event on the Inverness Gigs Facebook page.

For full review of the acts you can look at our reviews of all their performances at the Showcases.

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