A quick look around the Party at the Moor, the night before the Runrig and guests take to the stage for the main event.

It’s after eight and within minutes of the doors opening two ceilidhs are in full swing. Students from Sal Mor Ostaig have the floor filled already in the marquee.

Skipinnish 1

Skipinnish 3


Skipinnish 4

Over in the massive barns Skipinnish (lamenting the fact that they having a wedding to play at tomorrow and so will miss their heroes Runrig) are calling an eight some reel.

Strip the Willow 1



Gay Gordons

The atmosphere is already pretty electric and on this showing tomorrow is going to be pretty special.


Rubber Bumpers

Oh Oh.

The site is big and looks well organised with plenty of food and refreshments to be had. There is a small fun fair set up and if you missed tonight’s Harris versus Lewis gladiatorial spat on the dodgems (I call it a draw), then look in tomorrow for a feisty rematch.

Rumour has it there are still tickets available  (click here for information) so if you’re twiddling your thumbs get over to Muir of Ord – it promises to be epic.

Please look at our review of Runrig in Inverness last year.

Photos by Roddy McKenzie, click  to contact the photographer.

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