Bogbain Farm celebrates Hogmanay 2013/14 with Bogmanay featuring Mystic Shoes, Donald MacDonald and The Islands and more.

Donald MacDonald and The IslandsReturning to Bogbain for a second time in 2013 are Donald MacDonald and The Islands,  following a strong set at Brew at the Bog. Their EP ,released this year,’Gibson St‘ drew similarities with Frightened Rabbit and Admiral Fallow, Rave Child added that the  tunes of the EP had “earnest, intense lyrics matched to tasteful folky arrangements.

Our review at Bogbain concluded that their ” lively folk pop had people raising their pint glasses aloft and dancing in the mud.” Let’s hope for Bogmany there is less mud and more dancing.

Added to the mix are The Mystic Shoes you have, by their own description, “The best party band in the Highlands and Islands”.

What to expect from the band?  “a very upbeat, bouncy, enjoyable affair resulting in slow country tunes being played at rock speed, rock tunes being played at reggae speed and reggae tunes played at punk speed!”  The  quartet of  “well kent faces” on the the Inverness music scene will no doubt bring a party to the party.

Bogmanay is now sold out, please check out other Inveress Hogmanay 2013/14 events.

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