Sivu and Paul Thomas Saunders will be heading out to Inverness, Ullapool, Stornoway and Aviemore in August, 2014.

Sivu (aka James Page) has been described as creating “Effortlessly instant pop songs, laced with sentiment and bright ideas” by This is Fake DIY which has earned him the title of being one of the country’s finest new singer-songwriters.

‘Better Than He’, his debut single, caught the attention of YouTube viewers for the innovative video which saw Sivu being flmed withing an MRI scanner while he sang (see it below, it truly is enchanting).

He follows up the release of EPs, ‘Bodies’ and ‘I Lost Myself’ with his debut album, which he is currently on with Alt-J’s producer and previous collaborator,Charlie Andrew.

His co-headliner for the tour is Leeds based Paul Thomas Saunders, described simply as “Peerless” by Clash he notes influences such as Serge Gainsbourg, Spiritualized and Leonard Cohen.

According to his biography he “encapsulates both the psychedelic soundscape and intellectual sentimentality that the sixties graced us with, then wraps it up in a spiraling contemporary shell”.The formerly classically trained choirboy has supported Frightened Rabbit, Julia Stone and The Staves.

Full tour dates;

Wed 13th – Ironworks – Inverness
Thur 14th – Ceilidh Place – Ullapool
Fri 15th – Woodlands Centre – Stornoway
Sat 16th – Old Bridge Inn – Aviemore

Tickets for all shows on sale now, online and in person from venues.

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