XpoNorth have announced it’s full line-up of music showcases for the 10th and 11th of June 2015.

With sixty plus acts in two nights and no further ado, here’s the full and current schedule;


Wednesday 10th June 2015

Hootannanys (Netsounds Showcase):
21.00-21.30: Forever
22.00-22.30: The Bongo Club
23.00-23.30: Lionel
00.00-00.30: Tijuana Bibles

Madhatters (Detour Showcase):
20.30-21.00: The Great Albatross
21.30-22.00: Monogram
22.30-23.00: Le Thug
23.30-00.00: Catholic Action

The Room:
20.00-20.30: Searching For Donkeys
21.00-21.30: Ice In My Eyes
22.00-22.30: Friends In America
23.00-23.30: Alphas

Market Bar:
20.45-21.15: The Shithawks
21.45-22.15: Bloodlines
22.45-23.15: Ded Rabbit

20.00-20.30: Pale Fire
21.00-21.30: A Sudden Burst Of Colour
22.00-22.30: Poor Things
23.00-23.30: Vladimir

20.30-21.00: Huxtable
21.30-22.00: Schnarff Schnarff
22.30-23.00: In:Tides
23.30-00.00: Sunshine Social

The Phoenix:
20.00-20.30: Alice Bentley
21.00-21.30: Miss Irenie Rose
22.00-22.30: JR Green
23.00-23.30: Declan Welsh


Thursday 11th June 2015

Hootannanys (Scottish Bloggers Showcase):
21.00-21.30: Kathryn Joseph
22.00-22.30: Broken Boy
23.00-23.30: Best Girl Athlete
00.00-00.30: Pinact

20.30-21.00: Finn Lemarinel
21.30-22.00: We Came From The North
22.30-23.00: Yuko Yuko
23.30-00.00: Man Of Moon

The Room (Inverness Gigs Showcase):
20.00-20.30: Bite Night
21.00-21.30: The Mirror Trap
22.00-22.30: Amatrart
23.00-23.30: Nieves

Market Bar:
20.45-21.15: Womps
21.45-22.15: The Ragazzi
22.45-23.15: Crash Club

20.00-20.30: The Revellers
21.00-21.30: Woodentooth
22.00-22.30: Bear Arms
23.00-23.30: ForeignFox

20.30-21.00: Gales
21.30-22.00: Møgen
22.30-23.00: Redolent
23.30-00.00: Sara Bills And The Has-Beens

The Phoenix:
20.00-20.30: Megan D
21.00-21.30: Josephine Sillars
22.00-22.30: Arthur Nicholson
23.00-23.30: Cara Mitchell

Ironworks Venue:
20:15-20:45: The Broken Ravens
21:15-21:45: Spring Break
22:15-22:45: Garden Of Elks
23:15-23:45: Hector Bizerk

Official Aftershow (Ironworks Venue, Midnight-2am):
The And


Read about the Inverness Gigs Stage at this year’s event with all of our coverage appearing here.

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