We look at five tips to beat the traffic problems that plagued the 2015 festival.

We always say that it’s not how a business deals with success that shows how good it is but how it deals with it’s problems. Last year Belladrum’s biggest and most public problem was the traffic which The Inverness Courier heralded “Backlash following Belladrum traffic chaos”. So how does Belladrum treat this problem? Seriously, very seriously indeed. So we look the  five best ways to avoid the traffic.

Travel Off-Peak

Ways to help with travelling to Belladrum 2016
If you get to where this picture was taken, you are lost!

The strongest message coming from Belladrum is that 4pm to 8pm on Thursday is the busiest. Put simply Avoid!. To counter this the campsite is open from 8 am and the biggest incentive is that the arena opens at 12 with main stage entertainment starting in the afternoon (if you have not got a ticket yet for the Garden stage up grades you can buy them here)

Catch A Bus

Ways to help with travelling to Belladrum 2016
This is probably not one of the buses you can catch

An altruistic approach that comes with issues for campers,but ideal for day attenders. Both Stagecoach ,cutely named BellaBus ,and Ross’s Mini Buses are providing a strong coverage of public transport for a reasonable cost (£8 return from Inverness). Tickets can be bought from the driver (for Stagecoach, please check for Ross’s Mini-buses). New for this year is the Black Isle Express (tm pending :)) allowing folk to travel back and forth from the festival to the Black Isle show.

Details of transport can be found on the Belladrum travel page.

Keep Your Ear To The Ground

Ways to help with travelling to Belladrum 2016

Or in this case an eye on social media we are sure that there will be a lot of twittering via @BelladrumFest @trafficscotland @northernPolice. Given that internet access becomes sketchy at times near and on site, local radio and their transport updates should be around to help, after three songs, four sets of adverts and the news :)

Find The Other Way

Ways to help with travelling to Belladrum 2016

Maybe cutting nose off to spite our faces here, but when travelling from Inverness you may want to consider travelling the Loch Ness Road. For a few years this has been a safer option, but maybe we have gone and jinxed it :). See the map below;

Use Your Time Wisely, and Chill

Ways to beat the Bella traffic

Regardless of wether you get stuck in traffic or enjoy a carefree trip, remember that we have a couple of opportunities to check out the tunes playing at the festival. You can catch our IGigs “Belladrum Special” Podcast and our Belladrum 2016 Belladrum Playlist. Both guaranteed to keep you calm even if the traffic doesn’t.

If you are worrying about traffic, the odds are you will also be thinking about the weather so please check out our update Weather at Belladrum article.

All our Belladrum coverage can be found here, and if you need to buy upgrades for the festival, using this link means that you are also supporting the website.

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