Dave Maciver introduces the Sixth IGigs podcast.

Just music (and of course Dave) on our 6th podcast. So please sit back and enjoy the show;

The full play list is as follows;

Baby Strange – Friend
Volka – Wounds
Searching For Donkeys – Living The Dream (live at Bella)
The Vellas – Lion Sometimes
The Rising Souls – Yardbird
Gem Andrews – Vancouver
Chuck Mosley – We Care A Lot
James Edge And The Mindstep – Four Two Four
Catholic Action – Rita Ora
Hector Bizerk – Needs, Wants and Lies

About the Podcast

IGigs Podcast features local music, acts coming to the area, the occasional live session & interview and anything else that take’s our fancy.

If you want to feature on the show please email us at podcast@IGi.gs

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Dave trained as an actor back in the 20th century so obviously he has a day (night) job in a call centre now. By no fault of his own he started covering the music scene and has been stuck there ever since. Podcasting in various forms for about a decade, and a couple of years of radio, has culminated in the show here. Dave watches a lot of Netflix, and is very chill. He also cares about Oxford commas.