Belladrum’s all talk


Debate, Interviews and workshops for the UHI Verb Garden

Here for Beer

The Burke & Hair will share the same area as Free Range Folk Stage

The Burke & Hair announced for Belladrum 2014

Whisky Nirvana

The Whiskys supporting Alabama 3 at the Ironworks

The Whiskys talk about the evolution of the band

Nick’s (D)Riven

Photograph by Mark Hunt

We speak to Nick Harper

Some to watch at Belladrum 2014

The Temperance Movement at loopallu 2013

Toby Stainton looks at the Belladrum 2014 line-up

Put your hands on Bella

Reef at Loopallu 2013

Reef and more for Belladrum 2014

Eyes North

Searching for Donkeys-5

We look at the line-up for the Elphin Festival 2014

Pre Bella with ‘Belle

"“The blend of their harmonising all female vocals and irresistibly catchy songs made me want to ditch the formulation seating and start dancing”

Dorec-a-belle to play Town House, Inverness 7th of August

Belladrum Preview at Eagle

Silver Coast playing an acoustic set at Creative Skate earlier in the day

and a chance to win a Belladrum ticket!

Before and Before that

The calm before the storm, view from Garden Stage, Belladrum 2014

A sneak peak at Belladrum pre-festival