Scouting For Girls at Ironworks, Inverness 28:10:2017

Scouting for Girls, 31/10/2017 – Images

Are they still so lovely?
Hò-rò , 28:10:2017 Ironworks, Inverness

Hò-rò, 28/7/2017 – Images

Nowt boring about trad
Main Street Blues, 27:10:2017 Eden Court Theatre, Inverness

Main Street Blues, 27/10/2017 – Images

Little bit of blues at Eden Court

DANTE for Inverness gig

Edinburgh band return to Inverness
The Ninth Wave at Tooth & Claw Inverness 21:10:2017

The Ninth Wave, 21/10/2017 – Images

The Seedlings headliners , The Ninth Wave return to Inverness support from St Matiins and Garrison Court at the Tooth and Claw 21/10/2017.

LIVE REVIEW – Brownbear, 13/10/2017

Brownbear tours in preparation for forthcoming debut
At A Stretch for Eden Court

PREVIEW – At A Stretch, 28/10/2017

Award winning show for Inverness
John Smith at Eden Court, Inverness 7:10:2017

John Smith, 7/10/2017 – Images

The singer-songwriter visits.
The Skids 4th October 2017, Ironworks, Inverness

The Skids, 4/10/2017 – Images

Celebrating 40 years

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