You might have read invernessGiGs enthusiasim for Kirsty McGhee in our article about Bogbain in light of Low Anthem’s visit (LINK).

First off it needs to be mentioned that the crowd, not fair to call it a crowd, okay I counted 6, this was not an indication of the skill and quality of Kirsty, but an indication of the amount of competition offerred by other events on that night.

Anyway Kirsty and Mat adressed the intimacy by creating something very special combining an informal chat about influences, background and experiences of playing in a prison!!, interspersed with acoustic versions of a selection of their songs (chosen by mood and conversation as the set list was chucked away). It was a great opportunit to find out about life on the road and the realities of the music scene at the moment. However, I can not do justice to Kirsty’s voice and lyrics  only to say that her voice stole through the situation with a sensitivity and purity. Please have a look at their link

My final reflection on the night was that I would not have had it any other way and that hidden gems, are not always revealed .