Greg has recently been nominated for the best of the Fringe which he lost out to, to Russell Kane (who is appearing at the venue, in his postponed act, in January) Whilst he is no one hit wonder, the majority of people will know him for his turn as Mr Gilbert in the sublime Inbetweeners.

It is probably unfair to promote him on the back of this role, as whilst glimpses into his charachter are given (particularly as he discusses his life as a teacher), this does feel a more personal and personable act. Greg in particular focuses on his almost palpable love and relationship with his parents. The act feels like a journey that you take with him and laughter is almost always shared and not at him. Greg did not use the normal strategies of picking on, or showing off with audience members, which was to his credit.

The laughs, he is a comedian after all, tended to be narrative based and anyone seeking the machine gun style of the likes of Jimmy Carr would have missed the subtlties and genuiness of the night.

You will be seeing a lot more of Greg Davies, there is no real doubt, a great night of comedy and a good 200 odd audience.
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