ros ukfa 2010 - UK Festival Awards announced

Friday saw the release of the shortlist for the UK Festival Awards 2010.

I guess the problem with the awards is that the bigger the crowds, the more likely they are to activate voters (I am not sure and it is not obvious if or how they counter act this).

Despite this the Highlands are represented in two sections: best medium sized festival and best dance festival, both by Rockness. The competition is hefty, but all the help Rockness can get to put up a good fight would be gratefully appreciated so vote here .

Of course it did come as a surprise that Belladrum was not represented (less so Loopallu just because of the timing of the event ), where they did not get short listed for any of the obvious sections: Best family festival, Best grass roots festival and Best small festival.

But hey ho, we know the truth!!!

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