The truth been told that this post should have come a lot sooner and for the delay I apologise.

When invernessGiGS started,about a year ago, it was a lonely Facebook page that occasionally had the odd visitor (I don’t mean odd strange (well to be honest I can not say that)). Now we sit proudly with a rapidly growing facebook page (just click the here!!) last count 2351, and with views of the website now more than the total attendance of Belladrum it’s growing quickly.

The reason why I mention the numbers is simple, you guys have made invernessGiGs. Not some strange guy plodding away on the computer for more hours than is really good for him. It is not some twee comment but loads of people have said really nice things about the website and I am really appreciative. There are others that have spent time with us, encouraged us, helped us out, with photographs, articles, tip offs , promotions and advice. All the things that are needed to get on the go and keep on going.

We have made mistakes along the way, every one does, and we take them on the chin learn from them and keep on going. Hopefully we have also done some good, giving gigs another few punters, allowing people to make decisions about gigs based on up to date information, helping people hear different kinds of music and earning a few extra quid for charity

So guys, what I am saying is thanks, in the most humble and sincere way. Oh and a word of warning, your going to be seeing a lot more of us about as we’ve only just begun……