I would like to thank Stephen for sending his review of the year in (as with all the other contributers). I would like to reassure readers that no money has changed hands (yet).

What’s your name?
Stephen Bull.

Who are you?
A musician.

How do you fit into the music scene of Inverness?
I play bass guitar in the band Last Summer Effect

What was the best bit of 2010?
Belladrum Festival.

What was the best live act you saw in Inverness?
Probably “The Boy Who Trapped The Sun” At Ironworks or “Lost In Audio” who i saw play at Rockness during the Strokes, and then had the privilege to support at Hoots.

What was the best Inverness band/act that you saw in 2010?
The Side.

What’s you hope for the music scene in Inverness for 2011?
I hope that Inverness will become a well known place to go for their music scene. Maybe the next Camden. If it does, I think Inverness GiG’s can take a large amount of the credit for it.

What are the plans for you, your band, venue etc for next year?
My plan with “Last Summer Effect” is to venture out of the Inverness area more and play to a wider audience.

Who should we be looking out for in 2011 ?
. I saw them play at Hootanannys for the Net Sounds end of year showcase. They where technically brilliant combining techno and traditional music. the most entertaining act I’ve ever seen at Hoots. I think they could go far.
John Lees & Alex Peasey A.K.A Thundercat & Planisfear, although that may sound a bit prejudice as they are very good friends of mine. They are 2 DJ’s/Producers that both work solo, as well as together. Their strengths and weaknesses match each other well so they make a very good team.

Do you have anything to plug?
Check out
Last Summer Effect

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