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CK Events create a little fun for us, leading us to some guessing games every so often. The most recent is what is happening with Summer in the City 2, which was announced on their website earlier in the week.

What do we know and to be fair it’s not much:

  1. On the CK website there is one date that it’s venue and date has been changed as to be announced. Interestingly it is the date 27th of August.
  2. The title Summer in the City 2 does suggest some relationship with the first event, of course this might mean it’s in Inverness, but maybe it will share the schedule (either the day before or after the planned Simple Minds GiG, as was done with the X-Factor acts and Westlife last year)

And now the speculation, when we first started mentioning this on Facebook a poster mentioned that it would be “very different” to the first Summer in the City. He also curiously said that “Finally the countdown has started….lol….. nice one Les and Kenny… Inverness is gonna erupt with joy”

Prior to the announcement for Simple Minds there was a change in the website and then an announcement the week after, what happens this time is anyone’s guess.

Draw from that what you will….