Emma’s Imagination at the Ironworks 13/3/2011

The Ironworks was the intimate setting for Emma’s Imagination first appearance in Inverness. Emma was the winner of Sky’s “Must Be The Music” show.

Unlike similar shows such as the X Factor artists such as Emma are able to develop without help/hindrance of Simon Cowell. Originally planned to be performed in Room 2, demand was such that the gig was moved downstairs. Early arrivals were able to sit round the ubiquitous round tables with candles, and the less fortunate sat towards the rear in a style reminiscent of a school hall with parent’s sitting at the back while the kids messed about at the front. But not to worry, unlike a bunch of primary kids the crowd was well behaved, well with one exception, there is always the class clown and he was there big time.

Not that this bothered support act, James Mackenzie (without his Aquascene), well not too much. James put in a solid performance, the highlight to me being, not his standard The Boat Song, but Pass The Bottle, the first song that employed the assistance of fiddler, Neil Cameron, the singular Aquascener (if there is such a word) of the night

The stage was then left to Emma Gillespie, a.k.a. Emma’s Imagination, to entertain the ensemble. It was good to see a broad audience in the Ironworks, obviously spurred on by Emma’s exploits on TV, and they were not disappointed. Emma has a wide vocal range, coupled with some intricate finger picking on the guitar, produced a heart warming set. I can’t say flawless, as Emma did fluff the final chord on one song, to some hilarity as she made rapid amends. Having seen Emma on TV, in the cavern that is the O2, her performance of songs such as “Focus” and “This Day” move seamlessly to an intimate venue such as that she performed in tonight.. Emma, and her management, are in control of her destiny, and not some corporation, and all power to them.

Managed well, Emma has a future, a very good one, and this was noted in her standing ovation, her first, so she modestly says. Another perfect act for my ideal Belladrum!