It’s not that long ago that the other half of Leftfield, Neil Barnes, wowed the crowds at Rockness. So now it’s time for Paul Daley to show Inverness what he’s got, in the significantly more intimate setting of Cake.

When you think of Leftfield, you cannot help but think of the million selling Leftisim and it’s subsequent legacy on a  generation and is regularly declared ‘The Greatest Dance Album Of All Time’.

Paul, according to his bio, “has been operating in the shadows for the last ten years”, DJ’ing and remixing whilst putting the finishing touches to his solo album, which was  due out in 2010. Indeed this was the grounds for not joining Neil in the resurrection of Leftfield last year.

Indeed it is clear that a greatest hits set will not be on the agenda on the 30th of April with a mix of electronic shocked with Techno and House, that makes it difficult to put Paul into a specific genre. His ethos “if the people aren’t dancing then it’s not happening” however holds true

When Paul DJ’s, it’s still predominantly a diverse mixture of electronically infused Techno, House and beyond. The linear connection being the all important funk and sonic subversive element. But appreciating so many different types of music, has always made it hard to pinpoint Paul Daley as a particular style DJ (or producer, or re”imixer…) and is key to his ability at keeping a dancefloor on the edge.

Paul will be joined by We See Aliens, Jamie B and DJ Default, From the Chatter on Facebook it is going to be a cracking night and we would suggest getting your ticket quick. Tickets are available through The Music Shop, Invernes, Oscars Bar, Dingwall, ESP Elgin or through www.ticketweb.co.uk. Get your tickets quick….