I have a date (12th of August) , I have a cause (see below), I have nothing else.. I need some music (preferably ceilidh like), music gear, posters, website, venue, tickets, raffle prizes, someone to tell me what I have forgotten  and any one every one that has ever though invernessGiGs was worthwhile to help in any way they can. I am mobilising the troops as best I can whose on board…….

Why is invernessGiGs involved well papa GiG and mama GiG work very hard to support the children of India as hard as they can, and having been out their on one occasion you can see the direct difference that can be made with very little indeed

A bit about the Kids of Kolkata Dochas Trust:

The work in Kolkata started in January 2005 when Pamela went out for three months to work with the Sisters of the Cross setting up a small project called Nav Jeevan .Since that date we
have been to Kolkata 7 times and will leave again on 26 October 2011 to return. We formalized the work into a Trust in 2008 and our constitution states :-Kids of Kolkata Dochas Trust is a
Christian based organisation which recognises the plight of those affected by poverty in India particularly in Kolkata. The Trust through their efforts would wish to place resources into
such activities and services which will result in direct or indirectly benefit to sufferers of poverty particularly children

So if your interested and can help please email me with what you can do to admin@invernessGiGs.co.uk