In a more organised manner than previous announcements, Rockness have announced the comedy line-up for this year.

Moving away from the “very special guest” concept that was used last year and helped secure comedian of the moment Kevin Bridges, the headliners will be Daniel Sloss, Ian Cognito and Sean Hughes.

Other acts announced include Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolfe III, Parrot,Ro Campbell,  Erik Lampaert, Bruce Fummey, Marty McLean, Mikey Adams, James Kirk, Ray Bradshaw, Chris Henry, Mac Star, Eddie Cassidy, Darren Connell, John Walker, Andrew Vincent, Scott Agnew, Mark Nelson, Joel Dommett, Gus Lymburn, Julia Sutherland, Paul Alcroft, Sarah-May Philo,David Innes and Matt Winning.

In an interesting move, the line-up was announced by by Tank Commander Gary (aka Greg McHugh) via video, Greg later confirmed that he would not be performing at Rockness.

Tickets for the event continue to be available everywhere.