Just a quick update guys, due to paving the way to a far more successful future we have had to play around with our social network presence a bit.

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The first big change is that we have had to move from having a personal page on Facebook to a business page with you can view and “like” here. It means that we are the biggest official (i.e. not a friend page) Facebook page with Inverness in the title. It also means that we no longer have the ability to chat with folk, which invernessGiGs misses a lot!! To compensate we have done to things: 1) We have started being a lot more active with twitter (you can join us here). 2) Frankie Boy will be joining myself in twittering to ensure a greater frequency of twitters and a mixture of perspectives. Sign offs for the tweets will be different so you know who is saying what! 3)We have included the twitter feed on the main website so you can see what’s going on.

The other really important thing is that during the change we lost everything, all emails, all photos all messages everything, so if you have not heard from us we are not being rude we just are not receiving emails that are being sent. Please email us at admin@invernessGiGs.co.uk if we have not been responding to you as we should. We are sorry!

The other changes are small and bitty, but warrant highlighting. We have in our time gained various Facebook pages and groups. Instead of running them down we have changed them to act as either signposting to our main page (as with this one) or as with this page we will continue to populate with automated updates from the website, which ensures that you get any information that is embargoed when we can release it.

You can contact us directly as always through admin@invernessGiGs.co.uk

We are really sorry for the confusion, but we believe that we are building the foundations for a very big future and making the changes now means a lot less hassle later.

So thanks for bearing with us…..

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A lifelong passion for music matched with a geeky fascination for social media and websites resulted in the creation of Inverness Gigs back in 2010. The aim of the site is to help promote, support and generally raise awareness of the local music scene.In fairness fifteen years of being a psychiatric nurse never prepared me for the experiences that we have had over the last few years and the evolution of Inverness Gigs has certainly been a steep learning curve.I currently write (less and less), edit and co-ordinate most of the Inverness Gigs activities.Occasionally seen on Twitter, and  LinkedIn, if you want get in touch you can contact me direct at chris@igi.gs