DSC 2619 thumb - Win tickets for Rockness 2011

There seems to be a lot of competitions for Rockness tickets this month so lets list them:

MixMag They are offering tickets every day so happy days!! No apparent closing date. Interestingly they do not mention Paolo Nutini as one of Rockness’ “rave friendly acts”

Social Animal we had never heard of them either but they have a couple of pairs

Street Car another pair of tickets with car rental from Edinburgh or Glasgow

WKD you have to mention you want the Rockness tickets

Monster have a facebook orientated competition for VIP tickets

Mi Inverness have just announced a subscribe to enter a draw to win tickets.

Competition to win UPGRADES,  it’s a funny link you have to buy tickets and enter into a draw for upgrades

You need to check the separate websites for details, terms and conditions.

Please if I have missed any competitions, forward details to us and we will get them on the post (admin@invernessgigs.co.uk)