After a slight delay due to an I’m a Celebrity appearance , Jenny Eclair comes to the Ironworks on the 26th of May with her show  Old Dog,New Tricks. We thank Jenny for allowing us to ask her a few questions…
We read that you initially trained as a straight actress, how did you find your way to comedy?
By complete accident!
You have many strings to your bow including writer, comedienne, radio presenter, actor and panelist, do you have a preference and how do you decide what you are going to do next?
I like them all because I am very greedy, I don’t decide what to do next, I wait to see what lands on my plate, Though I do instigate the books – unfortunately most other Jobs I have to take my turn and wait to be asked.
One role we did not mention was that of I’m a Celebrity contestant, a very well documented and successful trip to Australia, we were wondering about how you look back at your time on the program?
With surprise, the further away from it I get, the odder the whole experience!
What should the audience expect from Old Dog, New Tricks?
A trick and lots of stand up, 50 mins first half, interval then me for another 35 mins, all human life is there.
How is the Fruit Ninja addiction going?
Badly I am yet to beat the score I did on my first day, it makes me too tense now, between fruit ninja and twitter I am suffering from sever dependency problems
Jenny Eclair will be performing her stand-up show ‘Old Dog, New Tricks’ at Inverness Ironworks on the 26th May. You can see more at her website