Toecutter Promo LS

Toecutter, are like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Originally formed in 2008 as a Ramones and Misfits influenced, punk rock band, they acheived a level of success which saw them play gigs Scotland wide and accumulating in a third placing in the Global Battle Of The Bands Scottish final. A period of conflict and changed occurred following this, resulting in the band splitting up.

2011 marked a period of reconciliation and “various daemons were exorcised” seeing the three original members back together. The music by their own admission has evolved to include metal blast beats with stadium sized rock choruses and melodic acoustic interludes.

They have marked their return to the scene by gaining a slot on the goNorth showcase 9-930 at Ceol-Mor on the 9th of June. However they will also be at Ceol-Mor competing for the Battle for B-Fest on the 3rd of June.

“Toecutter play loud and take no prisoners!”