One of the main reasons why the website has been looking so funky recently in particular has been the significant contribution of the photographers dedicated to the cause. Special note has to be given to Brian McIntosh whose skill can be seen in the recent Mumford and Sons pics and of course the face of invernessGiGs. You can see Brian’s website here


Another fantastic contributor is Al “Houdi” Donnelly, whose footprints or camera have shot nearly every local act there is in Inverness, his commitment to the scene (has it really only been a year and a bit?) has been quite simply amazing. Al volunteered a few months ago to help me “pimp” (in a nice way we were reassured) the website. He is responsible for an awful lot of the stock photographs that you see used in the site, including the current header. We are pleased that Houdi will be the lead photographer for our coverage of Rockness. You can see his website here