Whilst rumours have been rife for the past few weeks, it was confirmed to day that the festival has now officially been cancelled 4 weeks before the event.

The organiser state poor ticket sales as the main reason, although to be honest it’s easy enough to blame people for not buying tickets when in-fact the reasons for any failure are far more complex.

One question we would love to ask is why would people buy tickets to a new event if they did not know the headliner? We can and will argue that some festivals do not need headliners to sell tickets, but these tend to be well established events that have grown in stature. It transpires that it was meant to have been Faithless that were to play. However later decided that they could not.

It brings back memories of Rock4Life and The Outsider, we hope that lessons have been learnt.

We hate to see any event being cancelled, all tickets are being refunded at point of purchase.