The 19 year old singer songwriter from Wick took some time to answer a few of our questions prior to his appearance at the Summer Showcase at the Ironwork and his opening slot at HEN (Belladrum)

What better to listen to while reading than Netsounds Unsigned latest podcast including an interview with Jam Reid (great minds think a like)


Can you tell us a bit about your music and your influences?

Music and Influences- I’ve been compared with having similar playing styles to the Libertines and the View, both of which I am a fan of. The American band Brand New has also played a big influence to me in the way I write and think about music.

Where are you at with your EP, how do you think it has evolved and are you pleased with the end result?

My Ep- I have recorded a live demo of my “Persevere” EP in the aims of getting gigs and promotions. I havent released my EP as I have found through performing the songs live repeatedly I am getting a more profound sound with every gig. I am also currently working on new material and have hopes of having an album sized amount of my own material by the end of the year.

There seems to be an awful lot of movement in the music scene in Caithness, can you tell us about the advantages and challenges of being an emerging talent in the area?

Being From Caithness and trying to make my career lift off is hard work, there is a lot of great local talent and not a lot of venues or masses of local interest in the live music scene. I’ve only played once in my hometown of Wick and I doubt I’ll be able to get any more for a long time- Its easier to get gigs and promotion 110 miles away in Inverness. You really have to just keep trying and hope for a break eventually.

You have a busy summer coming up can you tell us about what your most looking forward to?

I a mostly looking forward to opening the HEN Free Range Folk Stage at Belladrum this year, Friday at 12:00

Also planning on playing the Ironworks Summer Showcase on the 14th July with Fallen Riot and PAWS, and I am planning on playing the Thurso Newmarket Bar on the 23rd of August.

If people have not heard of you, what song would you recommend they listen to and why?

Depending on taste for those who have not heard me before there’s the soft songs like “For You” but for those who like music with a kick to it I would recommend “Episode”.

You can see a bit more of Jam on his facebook page and of course the aforementioned gigs.