Friday the 29th of July sees a visit from Kilmarnock’s The Mighty Kung Fu to Hootananny, we manage to catch up with them before their forthcoming gig and have a chat

The Band 6

How would you describe The Mighty Kung Fu and what are the
influences to the band?

As a funky rock ‘n’ roll 4-piece that will one day be gracing a bus stop near YOU! Major influences include RHCP, Idlewild, J.E.W and the Stereophonics. Hope you enjoy.

You have quite a collection of support slots, including Biffy Clyro and The Enemy, is there a particular slot that stands out?

For me it was our first King Tuts show about 4 years ago. We supported a band called Goose, who are a dance/electro band from Belgium. We took a really good crowd and enjoyed everything about the night. Biffy/The Enemy supports were great in their own right but we already knew about the stuff they’d been playing.

The Band[1]

The band has undergone a few personnel changes, how has that
changed the sound of the band?

We’ve had a few bass players and 2 drummers in the last 6 years so not too bad. I would genuinely say that the line-up at the moment is not only the most creative, but it’s technically the best we’ve had. We all get on great aswell……but don’t think you’ll get away with a dodgy jacket or hair-cut, because no one is more than 2 minutes away from being a joke.

Are there any bands local to Inverness that you have seen or look forward to seeing?

To be honest, we’ve only been up as far as Inverness a couple of times with the band so we’re not really qualified to give an honest opinion. But I can say that for a relatively small place there is a cracking music scene and some excellent venues.

What should people expect from the gig on Friday night?

A few bad jokes, some pretty bad fashion sense, but some really good music that will hopefully get everyone smiling….in a good way.

If people have not heard of you, what song would you recommend they listen to and why?

I’d have to say the song ‘9’ sums us up pretty well, funky rock n roll with a catchy bit :) . Look out for some new stuff though at our gig as we’ve been busy
Go to Youtube and type in “shifting skies”, then click on the one at the top, its a spoof advert haha

The Mighty Kung Fu play Hootananny on Friday the 29th of July, their website is here