I genuinely never thought I would be writing this post, but the Ceol-Mor, in it’s current form, has ceased to be. Ceol-Mor’s mission was to bring another option to the limited music scene, and did so with aplomb. Local acts have clearly benefited from the addition of another venue on the scene. I  also feel that other venues have raised their game, competition is always a good thing.


The list of local bands that have had the opportunity to play at Ceol-Mor include The Side, Shutter, Defcon One, Ben and Ash, The Boosts, James Mackenzie and Aquascene, The Last Summer Effect and The Leonard Jones Potential. Terry (who ran Ceol-Mor) would boast that he had booked 160 odd acts and his passion for local and fresh music is clear to anyone that listens to him.

It is a shame, and to be honest with you some-what gutting, that Ceol-Mor in its current form is now gone (the pub remains open for business under brewery control). The reasons for the closure, according to the facebook page, is to do with a conflict about the revenue that the venue brought. however the complexities of the music scene in Inverness can never be understated.

It is clear (again from the facebook page) that Ceol-Mor will be reincarnated in some form and as far as we are concerned the sooner the better!