Zombia Militia play the Summer Showcase at the Ironworks on the 4th of August, but before that they talk  influences, awards and future plans….


Where do you draw your influences from?

Earlier metal bands like Sepultura, and Slipknot’s early material to moremodern bands like Lamb of God. Some European bands too like Gojira and Trepalium.

You have had a number of recent successes including Bloodstock Battle of the Band and Best Metal Band 2011, is there an award that has particular meaning for you and why?

Both of those awards mean everything to us, the SAMA award was a public vote and the Bloodstock Battle was judged by members of already established metal acts, i.e. a jury of our peers.

How are you looking forward to and preparing for Bloodstock?

Practise and more gigs.

Are there any specific challenges of being a heavy metal band in Inverness and if so how do you manage to deal with them?

Well, a metal band cannot rely on the “powers that be” in the Highlands as thay have a duty to provide the general public with mainstream entertainment. We had to start a small following in the Market Bar, then move to a bigger venue with a bigger following, so on and so forth, thus creating a market and need for metal on a larger scale than previous to Zombie Militia’s initial attack.

What’s next on the agenda for you guys?

After Bloodstock, release an E.P., a metal festival in Dundee called Hordes of Belial and a mini-tour with Achren.

Who does your absolutely amazing artwork and posters?

Moya Abbot

For people that have not heard you, what track best represents you and why?

Destructive Rituals, it’s relentless. There’s a good youtube video of us playing it in the Ironworks.

Have you got anything to plug?

Not yet but soon! (keep an eye on the website)

Why should folk come to the Ironworks?

Cause you might just like it!

Zombia Militia play the Summer Showcase at the Ironworks on the 4th of August.4

Thanks so much to the guys from Zombie Militia for taking the time and Toby Militia for coordinating.