We are really looking forward to BFest now, and it’s official. The last festival of the summer (arguably Loopallu is the first of the Autumn). So why should you venture up to Wick.

iain thumb - Bfest is Coming

First off, there are more than a bucket full  of Inverness based acts that are on top of their game, these include the unbelievably brilliant (okay we are now bias,sorry) Whisky River Band (main stage at 135pm), the fantastic Iain Mclaughlin & the Outsiders (main stage 340pm) and the, almost local, Always the Sixth .

gogobot thumb - Bfest is Coming

Second for up and coming acts in general they are very well represented by the likes of Kid Canaveral, Trapped in Kansas and La Fontaines stand out. But of course there is the heavily hyped and critically acclaimed GoGobot whose Maximo PArk like sound and over use of the word “Boom” does create a barrier for us, but we are intent on listening to them till we get them.

theside thumb1 - Bfest is Coming

Next is The Side, headlining the tent, with a gig made obviously more poignant at the news that this is their penultimate gig. We will be making sure we are near the front to make the most of them while they are still together.

There is of course a load more talent on offer and the BFest crew have announced the timings (which is really nice of them):

Main Stage

12.30pm Jude
1.35pm Whisky River Band
2.40pm He Slept on 57
3.40pm Iain Maclaughlin & the Outsiders
4.50pm Always the Sixth
6.00pm Them Beatles
7.10pm Proud Mary
8.25pm Dykeenies
9.30pm GUN


12.15pm Kid Canaveral
1.15pm Trapped in Kansas
2.20pm Sid Davidson
3.10pm Crazy Cottage
4.15pm Tango in the Attic
5.20pm Kitty the Lion
6.30pm La Fontaines
7.35pm GoGoBot
8.45pm The Side

Last reason to attend, it’s £25, yes that’ quite easily excellent value so if you want to say good bye to the summer think about BFest and get your tickets here.

Bfest  20th of August , Wick.