The Fringe events at Loopallu always adds an extra dynamic to the Festival, with this year being no different. Indeed they do appear to have excelled themselves this year.

Admiral Fallow 6 thumb - Loopallu 2011 announce it's Fringe

The fringe officially starts with Davy Cowan & The Hosebeast on Thursday at The Arch Inn (2300).

Friday (all events at 2300 unless indicated) sees James Mackenzie and the Aquascene (The Caley Bar) ,The Remains (The Argyll Hotel)  , Vic Galloway (The Seaforth), Admiral Fallow (acoustic) (The Ferry Boat Inn), Davy Cowan and Rachel Parker (The Broom Bar), The Imagineers (The Ceilidh Place) and The Lorlei (The Arch Inn).

Saturday sees the quality continue with The Revvz (The Caley Bar), Rhythmnreel (The Seaforth), Torridon (The Broom Bar), Chasing Owls (The Ferry Boat Bar), The Naked Strangers (The Argyll Hotel), and The Mystic Shoes (The Arch Inn).

Tickets are sold out but there are a flurry of tickets being advertised by private sellers via the official Loopallu Facebook page.