It is with great sadness that we read the following announcement, that sees Cake close for the final time on the 29th of October.

We have been greatly supportive  of Cake (29 posts since it’s inception) and what it has been trying to achieve. We have enjoyed the freshness and excitement that the club has brought to the area and the scene.

Cake has seen some marquee names to the area whilst has also seen the development and consolidation of local DJs.

This appears to have been a relative shock to folk, given that there was a recent announcement of a Boxing Day event.  However from an observers perspective there has been a “siege mentality” with certain influential, and not so influential folk, at the club latterly, which in context of this statement is understandable. Although should not detract from the work put in from some of the hardest working music folk I have met.


We do hope that the promise of the Cakesoundsystem returning ring true and we dearly hope that this will be sooner rather than later.

Good luck guys!

Chris Lemon