Congratulations are in the offing for The L.E.D. (Stuart Moffat and Darren Malley).

AWOLNATION – Sail (LED Remix) by TheLED

Their remix of AWOLNATION’s Sail (see above) has seen them beating of the competition and in the process winning a thousand dollars (nice) and an official release on Red Bull Records (nicer still). In doing so the L.E.D. picked up over 15000 listens to the mix.


It is anticipated that that the official release of the remix will happen in December. Coincidentally the track will also be heard on the soundtrack of Ultim8 Separation which is a follow-up of Czech freeski movie Separation , which was released in 2010.


Ultim8 Separation Teaser from illegal production on Vimeo.

The L.E.D. are currently taking a bit of a break from live appearences, although behind the scenes they are developing some new tracks and remixes and will start work on their live setup soon….