Review of Abagail Grey at Glachbeg Croft, Inverness on the 10th of December,2011.


Nestled under the light of a full and frosty moon Glachbeg Croft, glistened. A Christmas card image full of promise for what would be a wonderful night of music. [Soft Break] [Soft Break]The evening hosted by Abagail Grey as part of their ‘Winter and Icicles’ tour was opened with a celebration of young local talent under the guidance of Abagail Greys leading lady Claire Campbell.

Claire’s students demonstrated their progress in musicianship entertainingly, with a variety of traditional and contemporary tunes on both Fiddle and Piano. Making both the music and future bright for acoustic performance in the Highlands.

Following an interlude of festive hot chocolate and shortbread, the lights were turned down low, allowing Abagail Grey to shine.

The softly lit room lent itself to the soothing and atmospheric opening set as she lulled the audience with her inventive melodies and sincerity of song.

Offering a stripped back yet abundant sound they upped tempo, inviting the audience to ‘fill in’ with their imaginations, the harmonious 70’s strings on a fresh upbeat track due to be released in the new year. Dipping in and out of songs from previous albums a composed Abagail Grey continued to tease the audience with captivating new songs.

After much anticipation, the audience were indulged with the recently released ‘Winter” and “Icicles’ two contrasting festive songs.

Icicles, a simple song that ebbs and flows as it unfolds, offering stunning harmonies and a vocal as pure as the icicles themselves.

Winter, a thoughtful, upbeat song, full of charming Christmas sentiment and festive imagery. Bursting with energetic instrumentals, this catchy tune plays over and over in my mind as I prepare for Christmas.

For your chance to experience Abagail Grey over the Festive season the ‘Winter and Icicles’ tour comes to an end on the 29th December at the Ironworks, Inverness. Tickets available at

by Julia Morgan