Review of Jill Jackson at the Ironworks,Inverness on the 17th of December 2011

Jill Jackson’s distinctive voice filled the Ironworks on Saturday night. Standing modestly centre stage, she entranced those who tuned into her performance. Rising above the challenges often faced by supporting artists, Jill Jackson gained the trust and respect of her audience making her mark on our Highland hearts.


2011 has been a busy year for Jill Jackson, with an album launch plus UK and US tours. But we were delighted that she found her way back to Inverness.

Her set gave us a taste of what an amazing singer songwriter she is, the texture to her voice is incomparable, the depth of her tone finding its way to your very core, leaving you feeling like the only person in the room.

Mid set, Jill introduced ‘Mockingbird’ a heart wrenching song that commanded the audiences attention, you could here a pin drop as Jill gave herself to this beautiful song. ‘Mockingbird’ is a testament to her maturity as a song writer, the melody and story are familiar, sounding like a classic long lost song, before even being released. Simply Stunning.

She continued to entertain the growing crowd with childhood stories of musical car journeys to Blackpool, to which she sung a very crowd pleasing cover of a Buddy Holly song ‘It doesn’t matter any more’. As the crowd grew so did the appreciation for her beautiful music, leaving us all wanting more.

2012 sees the launch of another album ‘Get away driver’ so here’s hoping that Jill Jackson will find her way back up to Inverness in the near future.

By Julia Morgan

Thanks to the Ironworks for their support.

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