Matt Campbell, part of the The Little Mill of Happiness (see recent interview about their year, here),his review of 2011 was always going to be intriguing.

The Little Mill of Happiness 113 thumb - Matt Campbell reviews 2011

What’s your involvement in the music scene ?

Musician/Gig Goer

How has 2011 been for you musically?

Average. Some great new acts. Some not so great old acts and a good bit of ‘in between’. I’m not going to sugar coat things and say all local acts are great. We have a diverse scene which I applaud but I find some of it uninspiring. I started the year on a bit of a downer with Shutters last tour, I’m hoping 2012 will be a better year.

What was the best local act this year. and why?

I’m a big fan of Megan Blyth who I’ve only recently discovered. She has a great voice, interesting lyrics and has so much potential for 2012. I also think He Slept on 57, the Outsiders and Zombie Militia had a great year.

What was the best non-local act you have seen this year?

I’ve not been to as many gigs I’d have liked. I’d say highlights were PAWs and Nathaniel Rateliff.

What was your favourite music experience this year?

I really enjoyed playing at The Little Mill of Happiness EP launch at IG:LU. A great venue with a great ethic. I’ve always been into the idea of DIY gigs. I also really enjoyed recording our video for Article of Faith with James Macdonald and Eden Court. It’s available on YouTube and think the guys did a great job.

What do you want from Santa?

A support tour with The National

What’s your hopes for the music scene in 2012?

I’d like to see bands put on more of their own gigs. I’d like to see gigs brought back to the Raigmore Motel. I’d like to see the Ironworks continue to showcase local bands. I’d like to see a physical publication of Inverness Gigs in a Fanzine format because i’m an old school fart.

What are your plans for 2012?

Tour and hopefully release debut album. I’m just going to keep playing.
Got anything to plug? The Little Mill of Happiness debut EP is available from and we are hitting the road early next year.

Thanks to Matt for his time and McIntosh Photogography and Thomas Bisset Photography for the Images.