The Dangleberries are regular visitors to Inverness, both for gigs at the Ironworks and Belladrum festival. Their mix of contemporary covers and traditional Scottish music is always well received well. So we were able to grab the opportunity to talk to the band about their music and their return to Inverness.


We can’t help but notice your success in Germany, how do you explain it?

It seems that there is huge interest in Germany in Celtic Rock music, and with us featuring the bagpipes it seems to go down very well.

The band has just celebrated a decade of playing together, how do you explain the endurability of the band?

We keep it real with great humour and and don’t overplay

With a mixture of cover versions and original compositions, do you have a preference as to which you most like playing?

Playing our original material obviously gives us the greatest enjoyment as it is something we have created and where we see all the hard work and practice coming together. That said, playing our version of well known songs is also great and something our audiences really enjoy, particularly where it is a song that no-one would ever expect to hear with bagpipes. There are many covers we would have liked to have done but they just do not fit with the bagpipes therefore we have to be very selective.

How are you looking forward to returning to Inverness?

We cannot wait – The Ironworks is a great venue and we always receive a fantastic reception. We are very grateful to the many supporters we have in Inverness and look forward to catching up with them on the 17th March.

Following the release of ‘Nae Sleep Tae Regent Street’ any plans for a follow up?

Yes – still in the early planning stages but we hope to get in the studio in the not too distant future.

Have you got anything else to plug?

Our website where people can leave comments and suggest songs they would like to hear with a Dangleberries’ makeover.

The Dangleberries play The Ironworks on the 17th of March 2012, tickets can be purchased at

Thanks to The Dangleberries for their time.