With their appearance at the Ironworks Easter showcase looming (7th of April, 2012), Team Kapowski talk to invernessGiGs.



Tell us something we don’t know about you guys?

Blair has an A and 5 B’s at Higher Level and can make an origami bear in approx 18 mins.

Andy is highly adept at telephony.

David can identify any font using scent alone.

How does it feel to be playing the showcase for the first time?

We are very excited to be a part of it, the Easter Showcase is so diverse in terms of musical genres and it is great to see local artists supporting each other. We’re fairly new on the scene and it is fantastic to be involved in an event that is fast becoming one of the best unsigned nights in the Highlands.

If someone has not seen you guys play before, how would you encourage them to come and see your set?

We are the kind of band that likes to go the extra mile. Sure you’ll hear 7 or 8 electro-rap-hip-hop songs but you’ll also experience so much more. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you probably won’t cry, but hopefully you’ll smile a lot, dance a fair amount and forget about your woes for the 30 mins that we’re on for. We just hope you enjoy yourselves, and us, cause we’ll enjoy you – enjoying us.

Which one of the other acts, on the bill, would you most like to see and why?

We’re hoping to see all of the bands really, looking forward to watching Them & Us though. We hadn’t really heard much of them before seeing their name on the bill, but checked them out and we were pretty blown away.

Who are your one’s to watch from the local scene at the moment?

Capitals are making some very lovely sounds at the moment, and the success they are receiving couldn’t happen to two nicer guys. Very eager to see what the future holds for them and wish them the best.

What does 2012 hold for you guys?

Hopefully we’ll be appearing at some festivals. We also hope to have more music videos online. But most importantly we will have a whole shed load of new music online available for download. And lots of live shows across Scotland too.

Have you got anything else to plug?

Check out our bandcamp site to download a couple of our songs for absolutely free. Also, we will have a fresh new track (also for free download) available from Sunday 1st April. (Not a joke!)


Tickets for the Easter Showcase are available via www.ironworksvenue.com