We caught up with Jake Bolt and Archie Stewart of new Inverness band The Oxides to talk about their debut gig, Summer Showcases and plans for world domination…

Jake is no stranger to the local music scene, having played for 28 Jacks and The Boosts, recently he guested on The Whisky River Band’s album and was part of their album launch at Bogbain Farm. Following the end of The Boosts, Jake described “being left in the wilderness” and was quickly keen to return to playing which led to a 6 month period of writing songs. Whilst the intention had been to get the band playing live quicker a decision was made by the band to take their time “to get things tight and get the set list sorted.. a really juicy set”. Preparation for the band is seen as essential for “getting momentum going”, which includes the free launch of the EP on the  “Order of the Rising Sun” on Monday the 9th of July.A hundred and seven “likes” on Facebook (please go to their page here) indicates the anticipation for the forthcoming material and live gigs, but also the respect that Jake and the band have built.

The sound of The Oxides, he explains is like “crashing Nirvana into Oasis”,borrowing the heavy kick of Nirvana and the melodics of Oasis.The result is a band “that is a bit punky and a lot rockier than I have ever been in”. Other influences include later grunge bands like the Nine Black Alps and The Vines. Archie describes a wider base of influences including a much more funkier vibe, “he’s far more versatile”, Jake adds.The songs themselves are currently drawn from personal experience and observations, and a lot of girls”

The band have been a long time in the making with Archie having been to primary school with Jake: “he had this half sized guitar in his room” Jake reminisces “I need a bass player, you learn the bass and you can be in my band”. It was a serendipitous meeting at Hootananny that later led to the formation of The Oxides. Jake praises Archie’s musical abilities, even picking up the subtleties including ending songs and that all important musical connection. The third member of the band is Duff, former drummer and band mate of Jake when he was in 28 Jacks. Whilst there is a possibility of the band expanding in the future, and certainly Jake acknowledges the songs lend themselves to this, but  it is reliant on finding the right connection.

Their debut gig sees them sandwiched between Fort William band, Russian Ninjas, and Underclass who will be playing their last gig. Following that they are the support for The Holy Ghosts on the Saturday. There are indeed nerves about the gig, which for Jake is not uncommon. Jake recalls playing with The Whisky River Band at their album launch, where his anxiety dissipated quickly when he started performing on stage with them.  Jake’s not the only one with anxieties “I know Duff is freaking out, there are some pretty hairy drum beats in there, so he’s got his work cut out”. For Archie he is quite free in saying that he is on the very edge of his comfort zone in his role, but Jake clearly emphasises the confidence he has with him. Along with the anxiety the band are keen to emphasise the anticipation, as the move from practice to performance becomes real, “it’s getting to the stage where it can’t get any better unless we take it out on the road”

The Oxides play the Showcase on the 30th of August alongside Toby Michael’s Rolling Damned and ROADWAY, and although The Oxides have indie sensibilities their placing on the showcase emphasise their rockier sound.The band are looking forward to seeing the Rolling Damned play on the night and for the showcases in general, to show support for fellow local acts.

As for what the band sees as success, Archie identifies, “I want to be in a band that sounds really good” whereas for Jake it is, “having the opportunity to play overseas and playing some great festivals’” and a touch of fame may not go amiss either.

The Colin Fraser produced EP is released for free download now . They play their first gig at Mad Hatters on the 13th of July, The Newmarket, Thurso on the 14th of July and the Summer Showcase at the Ironworks on the 30th of August.

Please check out the Facebook page here and Soundcloud here.

Photo appear courtesy of Fraser Davidson.

Thanks also to Toby Stainton for Editing and Jake Bolt for his patience