A review of The Oxides at Mad Hatters, Hootananny on Friday the 13th of July by Frank Finlayson.


When Margaret Chrystall wrote in the Highland News about the debut of Jake Bolt’s previous incarnation, The Boosts, “Someone tell the world, there’s a new sound in town” we all sat up and took notice. I may have missed the birth of The Boosts but I was certainly not going to turn up late for the party this time.

Our Jake’s a clever lad. To stoke up the excitement before the birth of The Oxides, they released a free 3 track EP, Order Of The Rising Sun, through Soundcloud backed up by fourteen demos. Using social media, a facebook page was in place and twitter account activated. Already for the birth then!


It all kicked off rather nicely with one of the tracks from the EP premiered, Her Methadrone, followed by In One Ear And Out The Other, giving Jake the opportunity to show his swagger has never been lost. But then, not all births are quite textbook, and tonight’s was no exception, where pedal problems caused a lengthy delay. This ultimately led to the cutting of two tracks from the set, but with good humour and a bit of solo bass playing by Archie Stewart, the distraction was soon overlooked as The Oxides launched back into their set, with of all songs In Control! Following it up with Our Writing On The Wall, also from the EP, and You Took The Shot, the show moved on.


Yes, those laddish anthems were there. The Oasis comparisons could be found but later in the set the mood changed and it all grunged towards the Nirvanaesque. As the debut gig drew to a close Jake rattled out “I won’t let you down!”, drawing it all to a thunderous finish. Well he certainly didn’t let anyone down, the electrics may have, but that didn’t stop him as he threw CDs out frisbee style to the crowd.

Jake is a front man, and at times Archie and Duff are bit players as the focus is so strongly held on Jake. But you can’t do this alone, and the work they have put in together before tonight paid dividends. They were tight, because when Jake does something, he does it properly. Tonight was no exception.

Difficult birth? Nah, this one is screaming and kicking, and a good weight too…

The Oxides are next playing The Greenhouse, Dingwall at the Charity Bar B Q on the 21st of July, 2012

You can read an interview with The Oxides here and see more of the pictures of the night here.