A preview of the 26th of July with events at HMV, Ironworks and Vinyl.

What is it with the 26th of July, who would have predicted that this fairly anonymous date in the diary would see 6 acts plays, two charities supported and a little bit of 80’s retro.

So let’s start at the beginning, why not it kinda makes sense, so it’s off to HMV who have been hosting quite a few acoustic gigs ranging from Rachel Sermanni to Red Hook Rapids. On this occasion they are working with the fantastic NUT Production guys to host a charity event in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust. The resultant “Chusking” , see what they did there?, will see 4 acts busk for charity in the store. The acts are: Graham Brown, City in Surveillance, He Slept on 57 and Whisky River Band (or part of). Coincidentally they all have been filmed by NUT productions, queue excessive You Tube clips…

Okay enough of the clips (well worth a look though the guys do a great job) and on to the 4th Ironworks Summer Showcase, it’s a stomping affair with Emma Mitchell setting the scene with her brand of “acoustic folk rock”. Last Summer Effect are second on the bill, whose recent gigs, both acoustic and electric, have been going down really well. Headlining are the Whisky River Band, it will be a great opportunity to catch the band if you are eager to relive their gig at Bogbain or were jealous that you could not get.

So if you are not knackered after that little lot, the STV Appeal 2012 are staging an 80’s themed night at Vinyl.There has been much 80’s themed tom foolery so we get an excuse to have the following clip.

Chusking at HMV starts at 6pm and finishes at 8, free event but take your loose change. Summer Showcase at Ironworks starts at 730pm with tickets at £3 available via the performing acts or www.ironworksvenue.com.  The STV event at Vinyl starts at 8pm, tickets are £5.