We caught up with singer/songwriter Sarah Coloso prior to her appearance at Belladrum 2012.


It is fair to say that any act that are described as “Jiggling about like KT Tunstall on Duracell” grabs our attention. We were keen to catch up with the Dundee based act consists of  Sarah Jane Coloso Gillespie, Harry Sheddon,Andrew Gavine and Nathan Kenyon.

Sarah is looking forward to the festival, although the appearance does not come without it’s challenges “we’re taking a new approach with our Belladrum set, which I’ll call “full-band acoustic.” Our full band sound is too heavy for the HEN Folk Stage so we’re working on acoustic versions of all of the songs that still involve everyone in the band.”

A keen festivaller go-er with 8 Tin the Parks under her belt, she recalls that the 2006 festival that particularly stood out whether that be for Sigur Rós performance or for Rufus Wainwright trying to pass off a skirt as a kilt. For Belladrum 2012 one act stands out “Travis, of course” however the opportunity to see Beverly Knight performance in person will also be a pull.

The Perth Advertiser described the band’s sound as “rock ‘n’ soul” which Sarah feels is an accurate description as it combines the occasional heaviness of the instrumentation with a more jazz and soulful style of vocals. Sarah is keen to be a contrast to indie tunes (or “sludge” as she describes it): “I put a lot of time and love into each song and they all tell a story.” she explains in a way to encourage folk to come and see her “ That’s it, I suppose – come and see us if you want to hear some good stories!”. As a final enticement “I’m an excellent baker. If they promise to come, I’ll promise to make them cookies.”. Cookies and good music, who could resist?

Sarah Coloso’s new EP “Made in Stars,” is available on iTunes and all good digital stores. After Belladrum they will next be seen at Bar Bloc in Glasgow on 7th August.For download links, gig dates and further information: www.sarahcoloso.com

You can see Sarah Coloso at 6pm on the Hen Stage at Belladrum 2012.

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