Following their launch today the £99 and £129 “Earlybird” tickets have sold out for Rockness 2013.


Announced last week on the Rockness Facebook page, the tickets went on sale at 9am It was announced via Twitter that both sets of tickets were gone within 2 hours of being on sale, with reports on twitter of the £99 tickets not being available from 9:20am.

Tickets are still available at £139, £20 less than last year’s standard price via Please remember that tickets with no booking fee will be available via Caffertys and Ironworks at the end of the month.

We can’t miss that the line-up has not been announced yet so in the meantime here is our headliners speculation and which dance acts we would like to see at Rockness.

We had a look at what folk were saying about the quick sale of tickets this morning

Some were smug…

Some were committed

and some where plain cynical :