Colin Macleod (The Boy Who Trapped the Sun) will be playing and acoustic set on Friday the 10th of May at the Ironworks, Inverness.

Joining in the footsteps of James Mackenzie, Megan Blyth, Willie and Tabs Macaskill and Willie Campbell, Macleod will be playing the third in the Ironworks Unplugged series. Colin, under the guise  of The Boy Who Trapped the Sun, last played the venue in December of 2010 and was at that time promoting his debut album ‘Fireplace’.

After what appears the be quite a quiet spell, Macleod is very much back on the scene and building up material for a new album. Hopefully the gig in May will be one of the first opportunities to hear how it is progressing.

Tickets go on sale via Ironworks on Friday the 15th of February.