Brew at the Bog 2013 report impressive sales as the Bogbain festival looms closer.

Seventeenth Century thumb - Brew at the Bog ticket sales soar

The local festival draws from the best up and coming acts from Scotland and a little bit further afield include Fatherson, Olympic Swimmers, Homework and will be hosted by the BBC’s equivalent of Batman and Robin, Galloway and Macrae.

IMG 3215 thumb - Brew at the Bog ticket sales soar

The public are responding positively with ticket sales increased by 248% on last year, which is impressive in comparison to the other big beer sponsored festival. Festival director, Yvonne Murray  explains “While many giant festivals struggle to shift their £200+ tickets in their previous “record” times, the small, boutique festivals in the country are experiencing a well deserved boom. We are riding the ticking bomb of these overpriced money grabbing events like whooping cowgirls by providing a very welcome alternative – and the stratospheric rise in the Brew at the Bog ticket sales proves this.”

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