We speak to Mirian Campbell of Mir, before their debut at the Ironworks Easter Showcase, on the 31st of March.

Photo by Roddy McKenzie email - roddy.mckenzie@btinternet.com
Photo by Roddy McKenzie email – roddy.mckenzie@btinternet.com

Mir are a four piece band which consists of Miriam Campbell (Vocals and Rhythm Guitar ) Sheep (Bass and BVs) Chippy (Lead Guitar) and Chris (Drums).They describe a combination of styles, like any good recipe, “a good bit of Rockabilly, slight hints of country, generous helpings of blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll” describes Mirian, with her own personal influences including Patsy Cline, Aretha Franklin, PJ Harvey, Maybelle Carter and Johnny Cash.

The band itself was borne out of a passion for music and playing guitar  during her teenage years, having a musical family around her also ,no doubt, helped . In explaining the jump between enjoying and playing music to being in a band , Mirian explained how the band became a reality ; “My Hubby Col and I were ‘fighting’ ha ha over the guitar one night and he encouraged me to play him some of my songs. He encouraged me even further and put in in contact with Martin Stephenson. Chippy and Chris I have known for a long time, we had a couple of jams and then Sheep got persuaded outta retirement to play bass.”


The band is pleased to be playing the Easter Showcase because of the relative amount of time they have been playing together and subsequently only played a few gigs, Miriam reflects “The last year has been nothing but shaped chaos. We have enjoyed every minute.” This will no doubt be reflected in their forthcoming performance at the Showcase: “We try and not dress the songs up too much, much prefer to let the music do the talking. Expect twenty minutes of fun Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

You can hear more of Mir on Sound Cloud and Reverbnation

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