We catch up with The Ragazzi as part of a series of interviews with acts that are playing the Ironworks Summer Showcases.


The Ragazzi consist of cousins Dean (Morrisson) and Greg (Miller) and drummer, and former piper, Euan (McHardy). The band’s name, taken from Italian ;“it was quite a unique name without being pretentious” explained Greg in an earlier interview. The band is still very much in it’s infancy, after playing a few gigs, Greg had an opportunity to move to China. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this did not happen and the band are back gigging with a fresh impetus and writing new material (see ‘Conversation Killer’ below)

Quoting a wide range of influences from 70’s punk to ska and modern day guitar bands including the likes of The Vaccines but also “lads playing honest music about everyday experiences” . The result, Greg reflects is “driving,furious at times, reverb soaked punk”.

After the release of download ‘Jelly’ in April, the band anticipate recording “[it’s] absolutely something we are thinking about..whether its an EP or a single/b side is still up for debate, but keep your eyes peeled.”

Of course the Summer Showcases are not just an opportunity to play but to see other acts, when asked about what gigs they are looking forward to seeing “Week 6 looks like a great night (Be like Pablo, Topher Elliot and Dougie Burns), we are big fans of Topher. But being honest there isn’t going to be a poor gig.”

And after the Showcase ; “Gigs..as many as possible and anywhere we can. Recordings in the near future and hopefully festivals next year.”

You can keep up with The Ragazzi on Facebook.

The Ragazzi will be playing the Ironworks on the 18h of July and will be joined by Nicky Murray and Habitat. You can also catch them at Mad Hatters on the 6th of July

Tickets are available via The Ironworks or from the acts direct

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