An interview with David Best, Bassist of The Pigeon Detectives .

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“We have just always loved playing live.” David remarks when talking about their gigs, they are clearly not a fan of standing still in-front of the microphone and singing; “We can’t understand it when you go watch a band and they just stand there.“ Having experienced The Pigeon Detectives live over the years, one thing that always stands out is the band’s live performance; occasionally injury inducing, always entertaining.

David is clear that the energy is built on the relation between the audience and the band “When we see we crowd getting in to it and going crazy, then we can’t help but get into the atmosphere and get into it ourselves. We feed off the crowd and they feed off us, which I think is the main reasons our live gigs are so well renowned.”

The band like playing new material “We always enjoy playing the newer songs because they are fresh in our mind and we love trying to get the crowd to go as mad for the new stuff as much as the older stuff.“ So expect tracks from “We Met At Seair?t=wwwinvernessg 21&l=as2&o=2&a=B00BN2LOAY - Let’s Get Moving”,  an album that the band are very pleased with; “It’s full of great sing-along tunes that easily stand up with the rest of our back catalogue.” At the same time you can’t ignore a back catalogue like The Pigeons have, “seeing the crowd going absolutely bonkers for “the classics” is always a spine tingling moment.”

No strangers to the area, having played Rockness and The Ironworks last year and of course have played Belladrum previously. “Scottish crowds are always amazing. Right from the beginnings of this band there was something about gigs in Scotland that always stuck in the mind. Much like our band, there is no pretension with Scottish crowds. They just want to go watch a band and have a great time, which is exactly what we want to do.“

There won’t be much time for the band to get the Belladrum vibe so unfortunately they will miss tour-mates, James; “We are getting on a plane literally 4 hours after we’ve been on stage so we may just miss them, but there’s no doubt they will put on a great show. Bands don’t stick around as long as James without having an ace live show in their locker.” If they had the opportunity other bands that they would catch include Seasick Steve and Twin Atlantic.

Both on the stage and gigging they are definitely “on the go”, next for the band sees them play a trio of festival dates (Kubana, Russia and the dual billing of V Festival). In October they launch their latest UK tour, for dates see

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